Sunday, July 02, 2006

Clever Japanese Ad

This ad has a twist at the end that you may not expect.
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DTI-200-A Miniature Gas & Liquid Piezoelectric Pump
12 VDC, Pressure to 5 PSI, Flow to 200 ml/min (Water)

Model DTI-200-5A aluminum pump is the smallest in the Deak Technologies range of piezoelectric pumps.
These unique pumps operate without an electric motor and therefore do not produce electromagnetic noise. Pumping action is accomplished with piezoelectric crystals formed and bonded to a metal diaphragm. The crystals, when subjected to an electrical field, are stressed and distort resulting in a cupping action of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is secured to the pump housing and two opposed umbrella type check valves mounted to the housing respond to the diaphragm movement. Standard pump life is 10,000 hours however a special diaphragm design, originally developed and tested extensively by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space
Administration) and licensed to Deak Technologies, is an available option and extends life to 50,000 hours. The pump is very quiet and consumes minimal power. The rate of fluid delivery can be manipulated by varying the amplitude and frequency of the power applied. The pump is not only ideal for simple fluid transfer and cooling loop applications, but also for dispensing, dosing and metering applications. Proprietary driver circuits are provided with each pump. They minimize power consumption and maximize efficiency and response time.
The standard driver circuit is factory preset to deliver optimum flow and the unit can also be field adjusted. Special driver circuits, wetted materials, high temperature option and pump arrangements employing multiple pumps are available for OEM applications.

* Small Size
* Low Power Consumption
* Long Life
* No Electromagnetic Noise
*Easy Flow Control

Model DTI-200A
Pressure: to 5 PSI (at zero flow, pumping water).
Flow: to 200 ml/min (water), 7.5 SCFH (air) at no back pressure.
Max. Fluid/Ambient Temperature: 70oC, Rating to 200 degrees C.
Storage Temperature: -65oC to 165 degrees C.
Fluidic Connections: 10-32 female threads or polycarbonate hose barb for 1/16” I.D. tubing
Housing: Aluminum.
Umbrella Valves & Seal: Silicone rubber.
Diaphragm: 10K hour cycle life Brass or 316 SS or 50K hour cycle life with 316 SS.
Power Supply: 5-36 VDC.
Power Consumption Pump: 150 milliwatts.
Power Consumption Driver Circuit: 2 watts.
Pump Accuracy: ±10%.
Flow Control: User accessible potentiometer on the driver board adjusts the frequency.
Electrical Connections: dual red/black teflon keyed latched pins with 6 inch leads.
Self-priming: 5 ft.
Mounting: Any position via mounting flange.
Life: 10,000 hours or optional 50,000 hours.
Dimensions: Pump: 1.7” dia.
Mounting flange, 2.5” dia.
Height: 1.0”.
Weight: 3.8 oz (108 g).

Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Battery-less, Wire-less Electrical Switch

A novel switch technology has been developed at DEAK Technologies, Inc. of Brooklyn New York that incorporates a method of generating electrical energy, without the use of batteries or any other external source of power, sufficient for energizing a micro-power transceiver and associated encoding and decoding circuitry. This circuitry is part of the wire-less remote control switch that allows for remote control of various lighting fixtures or any other electrical device. It also has the option of light dimming effects when required by design.


• Requires no batteries or any external source of power for the switch component.
• The receiver part, which is embedded within the lighting fixture can be used anywhere in the world without concern for voltage and line frequency variations.
• Eliminates from 50% to 70% of the labor and electrical wiring used by conventional “wired in” switches.
• Price competitive by comparison to “wired in” costs.
• Can be programmed as a smart switch.
• Operates up to 1000 meters indoors or outdoors, through walls etc. Distance can be increased with an optional battery-less, wire-less relay transceiver unit.


• Consumer electrical power wall switch replacement.
• Industrial electrical power-switch replacement.
• Commercial electrical power-switch replacement.
• Home and apartment intercom and door bell switch replacement.
• Security systems.
• Garage door openers.
• Car door locks.
• Hospital applications.
• Geriatric home applications.

State of Development

• Production prototypes in operation, dimming options are designed and in process of prototyping. Several UK companies will incorporate the DEAK battery-less, wireless switch and DEAK transmission/reception protocol into their existing and future products.
• US Patent Pending and worldwide patents pending.

By Dr. David Deak, CXO
DEAK Technologies, Inc.
Brooklyn, New York

27 November 2004